Borgo Selvapiana has been acquired by the Minatta family little by little over time.

Pinuccio and Pierangela, together with their sons Augusto and Flavio, fell in love with this ancient borough and have dedicated good part of their lives to restoring and riviving it.

Under Flavio’s input project ‘Borgo Selvapiana’ begins to take new form: an accomodation facility which will not only bring back life to the Borgo, but will also work in syngergy with the artisans and small producers of it’s local territory.

Since 2020 Anna, Laura, Fanta, Maria Louisa, Lisette and Flavio take care of the daily running of the Borgo and the welcoming of their guests.

staff Borgo Selvapiana


Ridiscovering the joy of living in an authentic world, suspended in time and nature, creating value for our territory.