Cooperative ‘Le Terrazze dei Cech’

When you arrive in Selvapiana and on the Cech Coast more generally you cannot fail to notice the rocky and steep soils, remodeled by man with terraced dry stone walls and planted with vines.

As Manescalchi writes:

“The man has broken up the rock, has overcome the slopes and cliffs, has built the pieces of vineyard carrying the earth on his shoulders”.

Going up the paths it turns out that inside many woods there are still terraces, once cultivated as well as vineyards, chestnut groves and buckwheat crops but now abandoned and in the process of collapse …

… and here you discover that the territory does not save itself and a large part of those vineyards that show us all the beauty of these places are cared for, maintained and loved day after day by the Terrazze dei Cech Agricultural Cooperative.

We read on their website :

There “Terraces of the Cechs” has as its main purpose the production of wine, but it also aims at the custody, the sustainable maintenance of the terraces already planted with vines. Where possible, the recovery of uncultivated land, as well as the rediscovery and modernization of agricultural roads and paths, united in a path that will develop along the entire Cech Coast. All gestures aimed at enhancing the territory, through an ancient and modern activity together so as to involve the new generations in a path of improvement, while remaining tied to their roots.

It’s nice, because in a short time we met the “guys” of the cooperative and we became friends, in a simple and disinterested way. We found ourselves sharing some important values and we often met in their beautiful cellar to share moments of joy and discussions while sipping their magnificent wines.

They make different wines both white and red, today we tell you about one, the Bregaz 03.

Bregaz 03 takes its name from an area of the village of Mello where there are some vineyards of the Tarca family; just to understand are the vineyards of Titti. Our friends of the Terraces, however, are keen to point out that the grapes used to make this wine also come from other vineyards belonging to the members of the cooperative.

Bregaz 03 is the wine that we at Borgo Selvapiana have chosen to give to all our guests for one simple reason: we want anyone who stays with us to have the luck and the opportunity to immerse themselves in the aromas and flavors of this wine that tells us about our territory made of rocks and stone walls, made of the effort of the people who work the vineyards by hand and which reminds us that our small village was a place of wine production where over the centuries those aromas and flavors have been the fruit of the passion and effort of man’s work.

Let’s go a little more on the technical 😉: Bregaz is made with a traditional vinification with all the precautions to enhance the typicality of the product, it is a versatile wine, with the peculiar characteristics of a young wine. It has a ruby red color with bright purple reflections, fruity aromas of small red fruits and herbaceous herbs, a pleasant, soft flavor with good persistence on the palate and good flavor.

We will tell you about the other wines of the Terrazze dei Cech Cooperative on this blog, we will let you discover their whites and we will tell you something more about them, their project and their passion.