Feeling suspended between history and nature is the best opportunity to rediscover and reconnect with yourself.

It happens, to each of us, to find ourselves submerged in the thoughts and worries of a demanding daily life. The duties are many, the days always seem too short, the moments of relaxation are more and more a luxury. What we think largely decides how there we feel , and viceversa.

In the philosophy of yoga, we are neither our thoughts nor our emotions.

There is a more fundamental, impermeable and stable part that forms the basis of our being. With everything that affects us during the day, it is easy to lose connection with this essential part within us. Thoughts take us away, we move away and we risk feeling confused, rigid or without the right amount of energy.

One of the yogic methods that helps us reconnect with ourselves is the breath. Intentional and full breath creates harmony between the mind, our base and our body. By restoring the positive synergy, the relaxed body releases rigid thoughts and the positive mind relieves body tensions.

In Selvapiana, among the woods, in the middle of the meadows or among the ancient stone walls you can breathe a new air. Lisette, Hatha Yoga teacher, will guide you in yoga practice through asana (positions), breathing exercises and meditation. His lessons are basic therapeutic and can be suitable for beginners and those who already have more experience in the practice.

You can contact Lisette to organize the yoga activity that best suits your needs.