Visit to the Cellar

A few meters from the village is the cellar of the Terrazze dei Cech Cooperative.

There “Terraces of the Cechs” has as its main purpose the production of wine, but it also aims at the custody, the sustainable maintenance of the terraces already planted with vines. Where possible, the recovery of uncultivated land, as well as the rediscovery and modernization of agricultural roads and paths, united in a path that will develop along the entire Cech Coast. All gestures aimed at enhancing the territory, through an ancient and modern activity together so as to involve the new generations in a path of improvement, while remaining tied to their roots.


They are friends, 19 passionate members, who work every day in the vineyards and in the cellar to give us unique products, so let’s ask them:

How is a vineyard kept and cared for?

What are the secrets of the ancient art of winemaking in Valtellina?

How is the produced wine refined and aged?

What dishes does it accompany and best express its organoleptic characteristics?

Our friends will answer all these questions and many more when you come to visit their winery.

Certainly there will be no shortage of drinks 😉, but not even something to tease when sitting around a table you will find yourself tasting all their wines. There will be wines produced with different methodologies and from different vintages, it will be possible to compare aromas and taste and there will be animated discussions to assert one’s “very personal universal reasons” on which wine is the favorite and for what reasons.

In short, it will be a unique experience in the middle of the vineyards or the ancient wooden barrels, in close contact with the producers.

The activity will be organized and carried out directly by Cooperative Terrazze dei Cech .